Inspire File :: Lightmaker Studio

Not only is it Solar Eclipse Monday, it's clearly Gorgeous Lighting Day!  I would have jumped out of bed a little faster had I known Lightmaker Studio was waiting on me.  These are sure to be KKS favorites with the references to contemporary and Midcentury classics.  This shop is on my list for our next Toronto trip.

Inspire File :: Kitchen Duty

Location, Location, KITCHEN!

Now that we've lived with both 100 year old kitchens, Mid-Century kitchens, and new construction- Im learning the non-negotiables in our NEXT kitchen.  It's the room that sells me on the rest of the house.  If I can't picture myself entertaining from behind a kitchen island, slinging drinks from a wet bar, or where the wine storage will be, it's a non-starter.  

My kitchen must-haves:  Counter-depth refrigerator, concealed appliances where possible, a real exhaust hood, Wood+Stone+Metal+Tile, statement pendants, functional storage, and entertaining flow. 

Inspire File :: Smyth, a Thompson Hotel, TriBeCa, NYC

Wow, wow, wow.  So rarely do I save every image from a designer's photoset- but the ideas are too good!  Can we talk about this fireplace?! Such honest design with a timelessness and miles of relevance remaining.  Gachot Studios' 2014 renovation of the Smyth in New York City is on my list for next weekends visit. 

Inspire File :: TGIThursday!

The only motivation I can muster to clean my Macbook desktop is to uncover the little gems I've clipped and saved away.  Now that it's done, check out what I found! 

I do think the theme for this photo set is "The Minimalist Maximalist."   I love how even the more sparse spaces are full of texture and shape.

Inspire File :: Gjon Mili

Mili may be best known for photographing Picasso's light drawings for LIFE magazine, but his own works exploring human motion are rather amazing.  Turns out he was one of the first to use an electronic flash and stroboscopic lighting to capture non-scientific imagery. 

Inspire File :: Kitchen Planning

In planning a new build (read: NEW PROJECT!).  Kitchens are the space where KKS has learned the lessons needed to create something really spectacular (and functional).  Islands are great for laying out spreads for entertaining and there needs to be plenty of comfy seating.  Different light sources for cooking and for entertaining.  Buy the best appliances and taps you can afford- and then send out the dinner party evites.



Inspire File :: Considered Details

  When Im styling a house to be photographed, the 'moments' that are more considered always steal the show.  Im all for great finds at big box stores and ordering from my favorite catalogs- but these images represent the next level in design details.