A Millcreek Gem... 

We love this Millcreek home for sale in Salt Lake City- the architectural bones are in perfect condition.  The description notes how happy and well-liked the family that lived here was during the 50 years of ownership- and you can feel it as you walk in.  Nothing major, but if we had a client as into the house as we are- here's what we'd do.  Thoughts? 

Salt Lake Brutalist 

This is a face only a mother could love.  But we see the potential- including a great roof deck over the garage.  (Thank goodness for flat roofs!) 


North Ogden Hip 70's 

Split levels get a bad wrap- but we know how to make them total showstoppers.  We ditched the arched windows and put down a smooth coat of white stucco over the dated brick.  Now this house wouldn't be out of place in the Hollywood Hills.